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Rack's Employment

Would you like to earn $30 per hour plus?

Racks Bar and Grill is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Server / Bartender Trainee. Racks is a family friendly, smoke free bar and grill.

If you like to work with the public and are motivated, friendly and want to work in a fun, exciting social environment with the opportunity to earn an income above the average, please apply today!

Primary Responsibilities:

To serve food, drinks, and to accommodate guests' needs in a courteous and timely manner.

Specific Functions and Duties:

• Delivers food and drinks to guests.
• Greet guests, answers questions, makes suggestions regarding food, drinks, and service.
• Interacts verbally with all guests creating a friendly and upbeat atmosphere.
• Relays orders to the bar and kitchen via the point-of-sale computerized register system.
• Observes guests and responds to any additional requests.
• Presents guest check to each table and accepts a form of payment. Makes correct change and/or completes the proper charge card procedure.
• Participates in the clearing and resetting of dining room tables.
• Ability to wipe down table tops, table legs, pick up debris off of the floor and wipe down seats in all areas of the restaurant.
• Transports plates, glasses and baskets to and from dining room, service bar, and the kitchen about 30 times per shift.
• Reading, writing, basic math and verbal communication skills required.
• Mobility required during the entire shift.
• Other duties as needed.

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